Why We Do It

Many pregnant mothers or parents of young children in the Coachella Valley are low-income and malnourished with limited language and literacy and low educational attainment. Parents passionately desire for their children to realize their potential as healthy, responsible, educated citizens.
A high percentage of English Language Learner (ELL) children in the Coachella Valley underachieve in public schools, fail to graduate from high school and do not pursue higher education. As a result, they do not realize their potential and become responsible citizens who give back to their community.
We are committed to facilitating the success of these children. A weekly home visitation program, partnered with parents, will offer the following outcomes:
  • Family and cultural bonds will be strengthened
  • Language and literacy of English Language Learners (ELL’s) will increase
  • Increased parent-child engagement
  • Demonstrated parent advocacy
  • Children will be prepared to become a highly trained skilled workforce
  • Costs for criminal justice, remedial programs, mental health and welfare will be reduced.

The hallmark of LiLaC is to give the families we serve a

powerful sense of belonging to their own culture while

stretching them beyond it.


We expect LiLaC families to flourish

with extraordinary confidence!