What is LiLaC?

LiLaC (Literacy, Language & Cultural Centers) is a 501(c) 3 community benefit organization. Based in Desert Hot Springs, California, LiLaC is an evidenced-based home visitation program for families with young children, whose second language is English. Our mission is to build meaningful relationships with English Language Learner (ELL) families, with the goal of making visible their full potential as multilingual, literate contributors to society.


LiLaC values the powerful influence of parents and the home environment upon children, even before their child is born.


LiLaC values relationship building. The staff of LiLaC join with each family in a shared passion for their children’s best interests.
LiLaC values multilingualism. We value the heritage language and culture of the families we serve. We desire to help strengthen family and cultural bonds. We are committed to offering families the opportunity to expose their child to additional languages.
LiLaC values multicultural music, poetry and literature for parents to use and enjoy in support of their child’s language development.
Lilac values literacy as a collection of behaviors, knowledge, processes and attitudes. It is how we use language to negotiate with our world when we listen, talk, think, read and write.