Literacy Language & Cultural Centers (LiLaC), Inc.

LiLaC is a 501(c)(3) community benefit organization, building meaningful relationships with low-income Spanish-speaking families with young children (pre-natal through age eight) in the city of Desert Hot Springs through weekly in-home visitation and parent meetings.



When we asked parents to generate a name for what we do together, one mother offered: [Somos la lluvia] We are the rain. When we asked her to explain, she said [Nuestros niños son semillas individuales. Ellos tienen todo lo que necesitan. Como sus padres somos la luvia que los nutre para que crezcan fuertes] Our children are individual seeds. They have everything they need. As their parents, we are the rain, nourishing them to grow strong. We serve families with young children whose second language is English, and who have agreed to dedicate themselves to LiLaC’s program. In November, 2015, we offered a prenatal module for parents expecting their first child,

After a year of regular home visits by a LiLaC home educator, father and daughter are eager to demonstrate what they have accomplished.